Black magic

Exists, but avoid being obsessed by it

December 6th 2013
As more and more books on the occult sciences appear, more and more people hear about black magic. And as a result, some of the more credulous and weak see black magic everywhere: when they feel anxious, when something a little difficult or painful happens, they see themselves as victims and imagine everybody is seeking to harm them. But they should use their intelligence: are they so very powerful, so very fearsome, that the whole world would join forces against them? The truth is, they are mainly ignorant and weak. They have become so used to paddling around on the astral plane that, instead of being aware that they are responsible for their own torments, they accuse others. Unlike those people, there are the ones who never think of black magic. They don’t even believe it exists; they laugh if anyone speaks to them about it. Of course, they are wrong not to believe in it, as black magic really does exist. But at least when they are in difficulty they don’t accuse others of diabolical practices – they do something; they are dynamic; they are not afraid.