Cosmic intelligence

Always provides us with the best conditions for our development

December 10th 2013
Many of the obstacles and difficulties we encounter in life exist solely to make us take the only path to fulfilling our destiny as sons and daughters of God! A great wisdom rules over all destinies, and we have to accept this truth so as not to increase our suffering. It is never the intention of Cosmic Intelligence to crush us, but by giving us some things and making us go without others it places us in situations where we are forced to express and give of our very best. For those who see no outer solution, there is always the possibility of finding a solution within, by working tirelessly with their thoughts, imagination and will. Destiny uses a special language for each person, which they have to make the effort to interpret. All the hindrances, all the obstacles they meet on their way force them to seek what they need in the world of the soul and the spirit.