Bodies, physical and astral

The consequences when they are not in balance

December 14th 2013
Hunger is not just a feeling experienced by the physical body. You can eat your fill and still be hungry! Why is that? Because even if the physical body is satisfied, the astral body continues to desire more. In principle, there is harmony between the two; normally, when the physical body is satisfied, so is the astral body. But there can be an imbalance: the physical body might still need food while the astral body is already satisfied, or else the physical body is satisfied, but the astral body still wants to eat. This same imbalance can be found in the sexual sphere. There are beings who, even when their physical body is satisfied, continue to hunger on the astral plane, and this is awful. Their physical body can no longer do anything, but their astral body continues to desire, to demand, without ever feeling assuaged, causing them to experience the torments of hell. Not only does this discrepancy between the physical and astral planes eventually destroy their health, for they exhaust their physical body, but the imbalance may eventually even spread to the mental level, causing serious problems – perversions, madness.