Accepting it as true helps us understand divine justice

April 18th 2011
Christianity rejects the idea of reincarnation. This is a serious mistake, all the more so because it prevents humans from understanding how divine justice manifests. They shouldn’t then be surprised if nothing seems to make sense: when you do not see the deeper reason for situations and events, it is then impossible to understand them, and you come to the conclusion that injustice reigns overall. In the face of suffering and unhappiness, Christians says, ‘It is God’s will.’ They themselves – strangely enough! – have done nothing to bring these misfortunes upon themselves, they aren’t responsible for anything, it is the Lord doing as he pleases, and what pleases him is not based on any kind of justice. By rejecting reincarnation, Christianity has only led humans astray. Whereas, with reincarnation everything makes sense: we understand how the law of cause and effect manifests from one life to the next. No longer is the Lord dispensing good and evil without our ever knowing why; human beings make their own destiny. And so God remains in his greatness, his splendour, his perfection and, above all, his justice.