Requires harmony and inner silence

December 16th 2013
Someone returns home in the evening after a hard day, complaining of exhaustion. There have been difficulties at work, an exchange that turned into an argument, and so on. So, having been advised to go and rest, how will they go about it? As they do not know that the first thing they ought to do is forget about what is bothering them, they will lie down and toss and turn, mulling over what they are feeling annoyed or discouraged about… So, even if they are lying there for more than an hour, they will not rest; in fact, they will be even more tired, because all the time they will have been remembering what they should have forgotten about. Do you want to really rest? Start by working on your nervous system. Put everything to one side for a while, to allow your inner strength to regain the upper hand. You need to come to a state of peace, harmony and inner silence, so that the nerve impulse can once again begin to move harmoniously around your body. And that’s when the tiredness will leave you.