The texture of the living form

December 18th 2013
Threads make up the texture of all living forms, from vegetation to our physical body. The roots, trunk and branches of a tree are simply a collection of threads. Similarly, our body is made up of threads, strands, filaments: our muscles, nerves and blood vessels are all threads. So the question of threads is worth examining. The flesh we are all made of is a fabric woven from threads of different quality. When the physical body falls ill, it is because the ‘weaver’ it belongs to has not used strong enough thread, so that it often breaks. And what does the strength of the thread depend on? On the quality of the thoughts and feelings the weaver nurtures within. For when thoughts and feelings are woven together they produce actions. The actions are the fabric, and the physical body is the materialization of the actions. Yes, the physical body is simply a materialized fabric. And whether this fabric is coarse or fine, soft or brittle, tells us the mental and feeling qualities of the weaver.