That the heavenly entities give us through other people

December 23rd 2013
Something or someone has hurt you, and you are walking along the street feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. But then you come across a face, a look, of such beauty you go home feeling comforted, released. Heaven has just sent you someone to give you courage again. Don’t be taken in: if you chance upon such a look, it is not that person who has given it to you but an entity, which for a moment entered that person in order to help you. Such experiences make you realize you are constantly in touch with thousands of benevolent entities. They come and seek you out; you are never abandoned. Why do you not sense that? Why add to the real sufferings you experience by believing you are alone, deprived of all help? For a while you were feeling crushed, and then suddenly you regained strength and courage. So, thank all the beings that came to you. The more aware and grateful you are, the more you will attract them to you.