Immortality, the desire for

Is truly justified, as long as we know what is immortal in us

December 24th 2013
Death is a change of state that allows us to pass through regions to which we cannot have access with our physical body. Living on earth and living in the next world are necessary periods in our evolution. This is why we come, then we leave, and then we come back again… The desire for immortality that lives inside us is not fanciful; it is truly justified. But as people do not know what it is in them that is immortal, the poor things cling with all their might to physical life. They will feel immortal when they have learned to work on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour, for that is where eternal life is to be found. Those who live that life, who have truly understood what it is, have no fear of death. They are aware that the riches they have accumulated in their heart and soul will never leave them. On the contrary, they know they will find them magnified in the invisible world, since that is where we have our origin.