Awareness, our

Of the presence of god and the universe within us must be reclaimed

December 26th 2013
Everything that exists in the universe is contained within a principle we all possess – the higher Soul. This higher Soul, which touches heaven, which abides in heaven, is an emanation of God himself. When we incarnated in matter, we lost our awareness of the existence of this Soul within us, but if we seek to know it, if we identify with it, we move closer to our true being. Our consciousness is raised, and its vibrations intensify, and one day it merges with the consciousness of the universal Soul, and we become as one with God and with the whole of creation. This truth, that inside us we possess a quintessence of everything that exists in the universe, must not remain an abstract idea. We have to experience it, so it is up to us to look for it, to pursue it… We must go and explore the knowledge, the treasure, contained in us and bring it back to our awareness.