Truths, spiritual

Keep returning to them to go deeper

December 28th 2013
Those who have truly understood spiritual life are never tired of hearing the same truths, because they hear them differently each time. The truths of spiritual science are never understood once and for all. You have to come back to them again and again to keep discovering new aspects. You will say there are other things you are curious about. Of course, but curiosity, the need to pass lightly and superficially from one subject to another, is not the way to make inner progress. Does any of you ever tire of hearing your loved one say, ‘I love you’? And even if it’s every day and several times a day, the words resonate as if for the first time, and always with different shades of meaning. So, when you hear spiritual truths, which are the most precious things there are, why not hear them as if they were the words of someone telling you, ‘I love you’?