To say each day

December 31st 2013
Each morning, bless the day that is opening up before you. It is offering every possibility for giving a new direction to your life. Why should the past and its mistakes extend into the future? As you open your eyes, think of each of your faculties, which you can put to work to make all your good plans come about. Doesn’t it mean anything that again today you are able to think, wish, see, hear and walk? Bless also the difficulties you will meet during the day… By giving you new problems to solve, heaven is demonstrating to you that it judges you capable not only of working effectively but of putting right the mistakes you might have made. Bless your life as dawn appears, even when your strength is gradually declining. It is time to open your inner eyes to another world. And don’t think you are going to die; think that you are going to be born elsewhere, and that after passing through a narrow doorway you will enter a place of light. If you truly understand each stage of your life, you will always go forward in light and joy. 227 1