Bread for the journey

The truths of the soul and the spirit

January 1st 2014
Just as someone setting out on a long hike will take provisions in their rucksack to have something to eat on the way, we need to take food with us too (let’s say bread, symbolically), if we are to walk life’s paths with a firm step. This bread represents the principles of spiritual science. The journey we began a long, long time ago will not end with our present lifetime, for this lifetime is only one stage of the journey that all beings have to travel since they left the bosom of the Eternal. How many different regions we will have to cross before one day returning to our true homeland! We are only travellers on the earth – we must never forget that – and we still have a long way to go. This is why we must remember to fill our bags each day with the bread of heaven – the truths of the soul and spirit – so that we can continue to study, to work and to love.