New year’s wishes

How to help them come true

January 2nd 2014
‘Happy New Year!’ We hear these words wherever we go during the first few days of the year. Everyone is full of hope, telling themselves that all their wishes that haven’t yet come true maybe, now… Each new year brings hope even to the most deprived. Deep down they are not under too many illusions, and yet they always wish and hope a little. With each new year hope is reborn: we can’t help thinking something will improve, a door will open. You will say, ‘But if nothing improves, and no door opens, what then?’ One door at least will open if you think there is something you too can contribute. But what? See yourself in particular situations in your daily life, and imagine yourself behaving each day in a disinterested, wise and loving manner. By working like this, you will already be preparing good conditions for the future. If you are sincere and persevere, you will influence the forces of nature and the beings of light in the invisible world, and they will come and help you carry out your best plans.