Meaning of life

Found in the search for what is unachievable

January 3rd 2014
A spiritual teaching gives you a glimpse of a wonderful far-off landscape. You know that you will never be able to reach it, but at least you will have seen it, and this vision will stay with you and never cease to inspire you. You will never be able to forget such splendour – now nothing can stop you or make you turn back. Little by little you will overcome all obstacles, because this vision will fill your soul with the desire to attain a goal that is constantly moving away from you. No doubt you will suffer, feeling that it is always out of reach, but this suffering will sustain the impulse, the need in you to go further and further. The meaning of life is found in the search for what is eternally unachievable and inaccessible; like the horizon, it seems to get further away as we move towards it. Our longing for it enters our conscious awareness, our subconscious and our superconscious. It mobilizes all our energies and opens the way to the infinite, to eternity: nothing ever again can stop us.