Knowledge (age-old)

Awakened in us by the words of sages

January 4th 2014
Occasionally, the words of a sage find such an echo in you, you think, ‘But I know all that… It all seems familiar to me… I’ve already learned that somewhere… How could I have forgotten it?’ You have forgotten it because since then you have followed dusty paths, and this knowledge has eventually become covered over. But it is still there, buried, dormant in you, and someone needs to come and reawaken it. This person taps a few times at your door and sends a few rays of light, and then age-old memories resurface. For some this resurfacing happens very quickly; for others it will be necessary to wait much longer. We have to listen to the word of sages in order to recall what we already know. Yes, sages speak to us of what we know already but is still dormant in the depths of our being. It is the Creator who inscribed this knowledge within us from the very beginning, and they merely reawaken the echo of it.