Your home and everyday objects

January 6th 2014
You live in a house or a flat, and every day you use different things. Have you thought of consecrating them? ‘And why consecrate them?’ you’ll say. So that these places and objects have a positive effect on you. You have so many resources for mobilizing harmonious, beneficial forces to come and give you inner support! But before belonging to you, your home or your possessions may have received negative imprints, so in order to neutralize these, work mentally to cleanse them by calling down the powers of purity and light. Once they are purified and exorcised, you can consecrate them to a virtue, to a heavenly entity, asking it to live in this place or imbue these objects. A home and objects you have blessed and consecrated will exert a positive influence on you, on your family, on the health of your children. And do your best then to remain in this same state of mind. I am not saying you should enter your house as if it were a temple or use everyday appliances and utensils as sacred objects. I am only drawing your attention to the consequences your inner state can have for the people and objects around you. You should try to always bring a little more value and meaning to what you own as well as to what you do.