Soul and spirit

Seeking these in beings beyond appearances

January 8th 2014
Pay attention to those around you or those you happen to meet. Learn to see them in a sacred way, for beyond appearances and the form of their body or their face lie a soul and spirit, which are the daughter and son of God. If you make the effort to focus on their soul and spirit, many of God’s creatures that you have neglected or despised until now will appear extremely precious to you. The heavenly beings that sent them to earth in these disguises look on them as treasures, as tabernacles of the Divine. So get into the habit of not focusing on people’s physical appearance, or on their social position or level of education. At least for a moment think only of their soul or their spirit. Also tell yourself that even those who walk around here on earth as beggars or tramps are princes and princesses in the eyes of God who created them.