Vision (inner)

Necessary for good outer vision

January 10th 2014
Anyone who wishes to discover the wealth and meaning of the world around them must begin by finding this wealth and meaning within themselves. This is a law. Whatever we meet with outside of ourselves we will pass by without seeing if we have not in some way already discovered it within us. The more you experience beauty within, the more you will discover it around you. Many will object that this is not possible, that if they do not see it, it means it is not there. They are mistaken – beauty is certainly there, and if they do not see it, it is because they have not yet sufficiently developed certain of their subtle organs of perception. So begin by trying to capture beauty on the inside, and you will also see it outside, for the physical, objective world is none other than a reflection of your inner world, your subjective world. Whether it is beauty, love, wisdom or truth, it is almost pointless looking for it outside of you if you have not begun by discovering it within.