Thank you

Magical words

January 12th 2014
Even if you have every reason to be miserable or dissatisfied, still give thanks. When you say the words ‘thank you’, it is like a source of light, peace and joy springing from your soul. And this source floods all your cells. Gradually you feel something inside coming to life, getting stronger. ‘Thank you’ – they are the simplest words, but they relax all tensions. Repeat them several times, feeling their meaning deep inside. From the moment you instil within you a feeling of gratitude and look after it to enable it to grow, it becomes more than just passive. The feeling possesses specific vibrations, and through the law of affinity it attracts corresponding thoughts and sensations. This simple expression of gratitude will bring you every blessing. ‘Thank you, Lord’, ‘thank you, God’… Eventually these words should spring naturally from you without your having to use your will. When you thank the Creator, you are moving out of the tight circle of your personal, limited self and into the peace of cosmic consciousness… When you return, you will sense in yourself new, very precious elements.