Daily life

The foundation on which we build our great plans

January 13th 2014
Once you are committed to following the path of light, do all you can not to leave it. And the surest way of doing this is to watch carefully how you perform the tiniest actions of daily life. There is no point in coming up with noble projects if they are not supported and nourished each day by a sound inner attitude and by good outer behaviour as well. Every thought, every feeling and every action are important. You must understand that your life is not just a continuum; it is also a totality, each element of which is secretly linked with all the others; not one element is isolated. Daily life is the foundation on which you build all your great plans. Whether you intend to go in for philosophy, art, politics, science or spirituality, it is not enough to achieve competence in these different subjects; your whole life must nurture your vocation.