Angelic hierarchies

From human beings to god

January 16th 2014
The space between us humans and God the Creator is so vast, it is impossible to conceive of. And it is not an empty space; it is made up of regions inhabited by spiritual beings. All religions have mentioned the existence of these regions and beings in some way or other. The Christian religion, which continues the Jewish tradition, teaches the existence of nine angelic orders – angels (which, in Hebrew, are called kerubim), archangels (bnei-elohim), principalities (elohim), virtues (malakhim), powers (seraphim), dominations (hashmalim), thrones (aralim), cherubim (ophanim), seraphim (hayoth hakadesch). Each of these orders is an aspect of divine power and grandeur, but above all, they represent notions that are more accessible for us than the one word ‘God’. We should know of the existence of these beings for our spiritual development, for they are like beacons along our path. When you wake up in the morning, why not begin your day by invoking all these creatures of light ascending and descending between earth and the throne of God? Your whole day will be illuminated by doing so… Link yourself to them; contemplate them in your heart and soul. By becoming more and more aware of the reality of these beings, you imbue yourself with their virtues, and you bring life and light to your whole being and enrich your inner world.