Enable us to move from thinking to action

January 18th 2014
Who hasn’t suddenly one day been filled with enthusiasm at the idea of goodness, truth and beauty? But how difficult it is then to bring your feelings into line with this idea! And how much more difficult still to bring your actions into line with it! However, you must persevere. When we nurture a thought every day, it eventually influences our feelings, and the feelings in their turn influence our actions. But if it only takes a day to change our philosophy, how much time and work it takes to conquer a fault or rid ourselves of a bad habit! Among the most effective means of facilitating the descent of ideas from the spiritual world to the physical world are gesture and the spoken word. This is why it is so important to do exercises each day, and it is also why our teaching offers us numerous methods. However, of itself a method does not amount to much; if we do not know how to make use of it, it remains ineffectual. Because a method is only a tool. A repeated word or gesture will release its power only if you give it content by putting thought or feeling into it.