Material and spiritual

Finding the balance between them

January 23rd 2014
Each person has to be able to find a balance between living in the world, relating to it and working in it, on the one hand, and giving priority to what is most important – the soul and spirit. Making this adjustment is obviously difficult, and each case is individual. Basically, all human beings possess the same nature, of course: they all have physical needs and spiritual needs too, even if many are not aware of the latter. But they do not all have the same temperament or the same calling this lifetime; each individual must find his or her own balance. Someone who feels compelled to start a family cannot resolve this question in the same way as the person who prefers to remain single. Someone who needs a lot of physical activity cannot lead the same life as the person who has a meditative, contemplative temperament. The most important thing is that each person should be able to analyse themselves and recognize their deep tendencies. Once they know what these are, let them do their best to balance the spiritual and the material in their life.