Tasks (daily)

Do not try to shirk them

January 24th 2014
Each day you have to confront new situations, new problems. The family, your work and those around you are forever presenting you with obligations, efforts to be made and tasks to be accomplished. Whatever the nature of these tasks, try to carry them out to the best of your ability. If you neglect them, because you find them tedious or not worthy of you, you slow down your evolution, and anyway you have to accept that at some time or other you will have to come back to complete them. Anyone who thinks they can escape their obligations and have an easier, more pleasant life knows nothing of the severe laws that rule destiny. If so many men and women are struggling in the midst of so many difficulties, it is because they are having to finish some interrupted work, or else begin it again because they did it badly. If they try to avoid it once again, these tasks will be even more onerous when they come back. You will say there are times when your situation becomes intolerable. Well, go for a breather somewhere for a moment, and then come back again to face it.