In his kingdom

January 27th 2014
Invisible beings accompany human beings throughout their life. Wherever they need to go, beings of light prepare their path, while beings of darkness, which try to block everything useful and constructive that they want to undertake, steer them into dead-ends. So it is up to humans to find how they can win the support of the former and ward off the latter, so that they can move forward unimpeded. When a king travels, he is preceded by servants, who prepare his visit: when he arrives, everything is ready to welcome him, because he is king. But no one pays any attention to a beggar, or if they do notice him he may get chased away or be the victim of wicked people who are aggressive toward him. Each person, in their inner life, can be a king or a beggar. If they are a king, doors open for them, and beings of light come to greet them and offer them presents, but a beggar (by which I mean someone lacking in virtue) will be prey to hostile entities. The secret of the true life, therefore, lies in seeking to become king of oneself, in other words in becoming master of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions. The day you truly become master of your kingdom, you will always be preceded by beings in the invisible preparing the best conditions for you and placing themselves at your service.