Do not hesitate to take it, even if you are bound to stumble at first

January 28th 2014
Before making the decision to serve an ideal, you are free to do as you like, but once the decision has been made, that’s it, you have committed yourself: you have set something in motion, and you have to remain loyal to your commitment. Knowing that, some will think that in order to maintain their independence it is better not to commit themselves. They have that right. But independence as they understand it will inevitably bring them disappointments and ordeals, and then they really will feel bound hand and foot. Others will say that the idea of serving an ideal fills them with enthusiasm, but they know they are weak and are afraid of falling along the way. I will say to them that falling is not so very serious: they will get up again, try to find out why they fell and then, strengthened by their experience, will know better next time how to overcome their weaknesses. As long as you stay on the right path, even if you fall, you will one day reach your goal. Imagine you have to go through a dense forest to meet with friends: you are bound to stumble at some point, but if you have a compass to keep your direction you will eventually find them. It is better to stumble but reach your goal than to attempt nothing on the pretext that you know your limits.