Spiritual people

Have an advantage over materialists: they take their riches with them wherever they go

January 29th 2014
Spiritual people will always have one advantage over materialists – do you want to know what? It’s very simple, and all you need is an image to understand it: spiritual people take their house and all the riches it contains with them wherever they go. Yes, spiritual people, whose true riches are inner ones, always take their treasures with them everywhere; they are never without their treasures, which are an inexhaustible source of joy for them. Materialists, on the other hand, cannot come and go with all their possessions; they have to leave most of them in situ, and even if they are very rich they can often find themselves destitute. In reality, human beings are rich only if they are aware of being so. If someone with a spiritual philosophy is not truly aware of their riches, they are poorer than all the materialists. But if they learn to expand their consciousness, they feel connected with all the spirits of light in the universe, who give them their knowledge, their love and their joy. And then, what materialist can compare with them? Even precious stones and diamonds pale before the sparkle of all the treasures in their soul.