Progressing continually

So as to keep feeling alive

January 30th 2014
Do you want to feel alive? Keep your need to progress for as long as possible. There is still so much power lying dormant in you, waiting to be awakened! Why allow it to remain dormant? You meet people who are only fifty or sixty years old, or even less, and they already seem dead and buried. Yes, you can already even see the tombstone covering them, and written on it, ‘Here lies so-and-so’. Why?... Even if you feel tired, even if old age is on the way, you have to tell yourself there is always progress to be made, something to understand, something to embark on, and that you should never accept lethargy and stagnation. Even if you are paralysed or dying, there is still something left to do… if only to thank heaven. Yes, thank heaven, so that when you enter the other world you will still be alive.