Atmosphere of harmony

In which our higher nature can develop

February 1st 2014
The atmosphere in which people live plays a big part in bringing out their good or bad sides. For this reason, try as often as possible to meet with people and attend meetings whose atmosphere is one of peace, harmony and light. At first you may not experience the positive effects for very long, but by giving your higher nature the right conditions, for at least a few moments, in which to blossom, you will have silenced your lower nature, and each time you do this you will have won another victory over it. Try also to create this harmonious atmosphere by listening to music, for example, because the tones produced by instruments or voices have a great deal of power. There is sublime music that can take souls to dizzy heights, from which they return full of light, purified and sanctified. Look for this music, and try to instil your whole being with it. By repeating these experiences you will find that your higher self will eventually establish itself within you and govern your life.