Should be sought primarily in our daily life

February 5th 2014
Every action, however insignificant, even a simple gesture, word, feeling or thought, unavoidably produces either positive or negative effects. So we can say, in a way, that our whole life is marked by magic: it is all influences, imprints and vibrations, and that is all that’s needed to enter the sphere of magic. Each time a person has an effect on someone or something, they are carrying out an act of magic. And yet people look, speak, think, have wishes and feelings, make gestures, without realizing that all the currents they are triggering in this way are magical powers. Often, in their ignorance, they may set negative forces in motion which then backfire on them, and when they are shaken, grabbed and bitten, they don’t understand why. So it is important that everyone should learn to work on their thoughts, feelings, words, gestures and facial expressions, so that the forces triggered by each of these physical or psychic actions will produce only beneficial effects… beneficial for them, but also for all other creatures in the world.