Superior to justice

February 6th 2014
Those who have given others help in some way feel it’s only fair they should receive something in return. Yes, it’s fair, but love, true love, which impels us to give without expecting anything back, is beyond fairness. A sense of fairness is innate in humans; even criminals may have it in their own way; even animals. And how many crimes are committed with the aim of restoring so-called justice! It cannot be denied that justice is a virtue, but love is an even greater one. You have shown generosity, and in the name of justice you think you are owed something, at least some thanks. But if you stubbornly expect what cannot happen – there are people who don’t even consider saying thank you – you experience disappointment, annoyance. And now you are brooding over these feelings, and all because of what? Because of the good you did! Is this intelligent? Why not do all you can to keep the joy you felt in doing good.