System (a good philosophical)

The condition for our freedom and security

February 7th 2014
Finding inner balance is difficult, but it is even more difficult maintaining it, as daily life confronts us endlessly with new difficulties. Whether these difficulties are personal or collective, we all experience them as conflicts, jolts, shocks. Whatever we do to resist them and maintain our equilibrium, we cannot succeed if we do not have a good philosophical system. A good philosophical system teaches people first and foremost about their psychic structure, explaining what materials they have to work with and what tools they have at their disposal to do this work. It shows them the goal they must aim for – the divine summit within them – and the path they need to travel to reach this summit, where they will finally feel free and secure. If they never lose sight of this divine summit, if they remain connected to it, they will not get carried away when human passions, theirs and others’, start to be unleashed. If they feel tied hand and foot and in danger, it means they have remained too low. A good philosophy shows them the track leading to the only place where they will be free and secure, and it provides them with ladders to get there. It only remains for them to climb them.