Interest (our personal)

Comes via the collective interest

February 10th 2014
Whether they like it or not, all human beings belong to a community, and if problems arise in their community, neither they nor their personal belongings remain safe. Throughout history there have been people who were so powerful and so rich that it seemed nothing could affect them, but upheavals occurred in the community and they ended up losing everything, even their life. The security of individuals is dependent on the smooth running of society. So it is now up to each person to replace their personal perspective with a vaster, more universal perspective: they will gain from this not only on the material level but also, and principally, on the level of consciousness. Consciousness truly awakens in human beings when they become sensitive to the notion of collectivity, of universality: even if physically they are separate beings, on the psychic level they experience others as an extension of themselves. It is then that they experience what is happening to others, both good and bad, as if it were happening to themselves, and they try only to be good to others, for they feel, they know, they are also being good to themselves.