Right direction

It matters more than anything to choose it

February 11th 2014
The moment you decide to walk the path of light, what seem to be very unfavourable situations begin to work in your favour. In fact, the forces you trigger by committing to this path gradually intervene to modify situations, and what should have harmed you comes little by little to place itself at your service. You need to ensure, however, that you are going in the right direction. As for any accidents that may occur en route – difficulties, obstacles, failures –, do not dwell on these. Accept them, in the knowledge that at some point something will intervene and turn your failure into success and your sadness to joy. But those who have been unable to choose the right path should beware! They may begin by being successful, but their successes are really traps. If they knew the laws, instead of rejoicing and boasting to others they would tremble, for they would know that their triumphs are merely preparing the way for their downfall.