That our inner states have on others

February 12th 2014
You have been meditating deeply for a long time, sending light and love to the whole world, and then you go out for a walk in the street. When you return, you don’t have the impression you have done anything in particular. Well, that is where you are mistaken. If you were clairvoyant, you would see the good your presence has done, without your knowing it, to the people you came across. Some who had planned to do wicked things have abandoned their plans, while others who were troubled or desperate have found a little serenity and courage. It all depends on how powerful and sincere your aspirations are. You are not the only one affected by your inner states; they also affect those around you. Believe me, one day you will even be able to confirm this. When you pass over to the other side, you will realize the power of the psychic world. You will discover that your thoughts and feelings were currents of energy acting in the invisible to lead beings toward good or evil.