There is always one open

February 13th 2014
Why do you think help and support must only come in the form you are expecting? So many possibilities present themselves to you! But you don’t see them; you don’t want to see them. You hope that a particular door is going to open for you, but it remains closed. Instead of standing in front of the door complaining, tell yourself there may be another one next to it that will open. Or perhaps it is even already open, but you haven’t seen it. You expect understanding and help from someone, but not only do they not give it, they are unpleasant. Well, instead of becoming obsessed with this disappointment, look around you more closely: there are bound to be other people ready to help you. If you remain so focused on your disappointment, you will not see these friends who are there for you. In this sense certain hardships are also useful: they force you to do or discover what you would not do or discover without them. How often your stubbornness has prevented you from overcoming your difficulties! So from now on don’t stay in front of a closed door complaining. Take a closer look around: there may not be an open door, but perhaps there’s an open window!