We must always remain faithful to them

February 17th 2014
Each one of us has an ideal, whether it’s fairness, goodness, love or beauty. But then it is a matter of knowing how to nourish it and remain true to it. If you betray it, you lose the trust of the spirits of the invisible world. For you should know that any noble ideal you aspire to always attracts the attention of the spirits of light: they come to accompany you, to support you. But if they see you weakening, about to stray onto other paths because these appear easier and pleasanter, they feel they have nothing further to do for you, and they go away. You will say, ‘But does that really matter?’ Yes, because once you are reduced to your own resources you will not achieve very much. It is natural to be curious, to have lots of interests. What you must not do is change your inner direction and leave the path of light you have recently embarked on. Life is vast and rich with all kinds of possibilities, and no one is stopping you from exploring this richness and diversity – on the contrary, for it is the work of the Creator. Go off to discover the world if you wish, but remain true to your ideal.