Accepting it without being satisfied with it

February 21st 2014
Animals are content with their lot: even if some are cleverer or more ingenious than others, they do not see their limitations, so they do not try to go beyond them in order to progress. But this way of being, which is normal for animals, is not ideal for humans – although some are happy with it! You will say, ‘So, are we meant to rebel against our fate?’ No, don’t misunderstand me: accepting your fate is one thing, and being content with it is another. We all have to accept our fate as the consequence of choices we made in the past. If you now have trials to go through, you mustn’t rebel, because you are paying for the mistakes you made in this life or in past lives. So you make efforts to put them right while, at the same time, understanding that you have to progress and improve. In this way, you accept the destiny that divine Justice has decreed for you, but you are never satisfied with your present degree of evolution; you continually do your best to go beyond your limitations.