How to greet one another

February 22nd 2014
When people meet, they often shake hands, and the same when they say goodbye, or else they greet one another from a distance. So this means they instinctively know that the hand can emit currents of energy and also receive them. This is why it is particularly important to be careful what we transmit through our hand. If we must greet one another, it is to wish one another well and give one another something good. Otherwise there is no point. For those whose consciousness is awakened, a greeting is a highly meaningful gesture, through which they can encourage, console and bring life to God’s creatures. The most powerful and beneficial exchanges are not necessarily those you make when you are physically close. You can put a lot of love and light into a wave of the hand and into the look you give as you make it. So, let your soul play a part in your greeting, and your spirit too! A greeting should be a true communion, powerful, harmonious and alive!