The greatest lies in distributing the grace we have received

February 25th 2014
Very many activities and encounters can be a source of joy to us, but we will experience the greatest joys only if we seek to merge with the Divine. For although the Creator gave his creatures infinite possibilities of joy, he kept the greatest bliss for those who succeed in becoming one with him through their soul and spirit. And for their joy to be perfect, those who have experienced these moments of merging, moments when they are filled with light and divine love, must do everything they can to radiate the experience to those around them. For the main attribute of divine grace is that it accepts no limits: it seeks openings everywhere, through which to enter and nourish all creatures. The joys we can experience are many. But there is no greater joy than when we become one with the Divine and then allow others to take part in this joy by sharing what we have received with them. So we experience this joy in two ways: we rise up to heaven to amass treasures, and then we come back to earth to distribute them.