Temple (the true)

The universe created by god

February 26th 2014
All religious buildings throughout the world should be respected. Multitudes of the faithful have for centuries come there to pray, and thanks to their fervour the churches and temples are imbued with a sacred atmosphere. But of course human constructions do not stand the test of time. For this reason, even believers have to admit that the only true temple is the one created by God – the universe. It is indestructible, and the entities with which the Creator populated it are all expressions of his presence. Even if we do not see them, these beings are there to help us through the intermediary of the earth, water, air, fire and sunlight. It is thanks to the sacrifices these beings have made, thanks to their love and their desire to have exchanges with us, that we are alive physically, psychologically and spiritually. So we must learn to contact them, respect them and be grateful to them. Only those whose consciousness is awakened truly have access to the sanctuary.