Gives direction to and builds the future

March 3rd 2014
Each morning, as you wake up, tell yourself there is nothing more important than living this new day well. It is ‘today’ that counts. Just as the present is simply a consequence of the past, so the future is an extension of the present. Past, present, future – they are all connected. The future will be built on the foundations you lay today. The past is over, but it has brought the present into the world, and the present bears the seeds of the future. So, as you focus on the present moment you are building your future. In a way, the past is always alive, and it is still having an effect on your present, but you do not have to let it have power. It is the present you must give power to, so that it can control the past, even strike it down if necessary, and work on it. When the past was the present, it was all-powerful. Now that it is the past, it is subordinate to the present, and the present has its say. The past is past, and the future is yet to come. Now the present must impose its will, so that it can transform the past and give direction to the future.