Open to others

While remaining unshakeable in our spiritual commitment

March 4th 2014
No one who embraces a spiritual teaching should feel required to distance themselves or cut themselves off from others just because these people do not share their philosophy. There is nothing to prevent them from spending time with all kinds of people, except that they must be strong enough and clear-headed enough not to lose their direction. Let them go to work, meet people, form friendships. But while remaining open to others, they must not lose any of their ideal or ever compromise certain principles. They should cultivate a firm attitude towards anything that might make them deviate from their path. Every day, there is no shortage of opportunities for being tempted, seduced and led astray, and no shortage of people to offer you them either. They are often very nice, charming people. Carry on liking them – why not? You may learn something from spending time with them. Don’t run away from them; help them to see more clearly if you can, but do not allow yourself to be influenced – remain true to your spiritual philosophy. Demonstrating flexibility and understanding, while remaining firm and unshakeable in your convictions and your spiritual commitment, is a difficult balance to find, but it is something you should work at.