Try hard not to give in to it

March 6th 2014
Try hard never to give in to negativity, whatever form it takes. Never allow physical pain or disability to take away your enthusiasm for life. It is difficult, of course, but even if you are losing your sight or your hearing, even if you have a paralysed limb, be aware of all the faculties and potential you still possess. Thanks to these you can continue to be active, continue to learn and better yourself. And above all you still have the capacity to think and feel, which are true powers. Call on them, for by cultivating right thoughts and generous feelings you will create a positive inner mood, which will even contribute toward improving your physical state. Negativity often takes on the proportions we give it, and by being resigned and giving in to discouragement we reinforce it. But have you seen a hen defend her chicks when a dog comes near? She bristles, puffs out her feathers and cackles noisily to frighten it. Do the same with anything negative: puff yourself up, and face it; show it you can defend yourself, and it will be forced to back off.