Soul (human)

Between limitation and expansion

March 7th 2014
A child coming into the world is a soul limiting itself, and it suffers at having to come into a body where it feels so confined. Even if this limitation is necessary to allow for manifestation on the physical plane, human beings must never forget that their soul’s home is infinite space. Shut up in a body, it longs for that immensity where it expands and rejoices. This is why, even if humans dread death, because they experience it – naturally of course – as a wrench, their soul welcomes it as a liberation. Life is made up of these two movements, limitation and expansion, which each person must learn how to balance. Even when you are called upon from all sides, if you do not want your soul to end up suffocating and becoming weaker, do not allow material tasks and worries to take up all your time and energy. From time to time, for a few moments at least, stop, go within, and open yourself up to immensity… then go back to what you were doing.