Sends those who can no longer serve him to god

March 10th 2014
So often, when people no longer have so much energy to continue running after glory, power or pleasures, they decide it is time to settle down, or even to think about heaven and to place themselves in its service. But what can they be thinking? When you no longer have any energy left for the world, you won’t have any extra for serving heaven, that’s for sure! Withdrawing from the world and occasionally devoting your time to good causes because you no longer have enough strength for business, intrigues and adventures of the heart – that is not wisdom, and even less is it spirituality. All those who chose in their youth to marry the devil – let’s put it like that! – must not be under any illusions: the devil will reject them in their old age. The devil is not stupid – he knows where his own interests lie. When there is nothing left to take from humans he gets rid of them. They naively think they are divorcing of their own accord, but they are not: it is the devil that is sending them packing. What pleasure he has in sending God all these infirm and impaired people he can no longer get anything out of! And then, what a sight for the Lord, and what magnificent helpers he receives to carry out his work!