Justice (divine)

How it works

March 15th 2014
Each one of us has lessons to learn in our life, mistakes to put right. We cannot avoid this, and in one way or another we must ‘pay’: pay in order to learn and pay by correcting the mistakes we have made. This payment is part of the laws of karma; we have to accept it. Besides, even if we do not accept it, it makes no difference; we cannot avoid divine justice, nor can we circumvent it. So do your best to understand how divine justice works, and trust it. It is as if all the mistakes you have made are going to be weighed in one pan of a pair of scales and all your good actions in the other. So, when the time comes to pay for the transgressions, everything good you have done will play a part in making the payment less onerous. This law is true in all spheres: the efforts you make to strengthen and purify yourself will always enable you to face your ordeals in more favourable conditions. So let this be clear: on the one hand, you must know that you cannot escape divine justice, and on the other, you must always be aware that everything good you do is transformed into energy to help you overcome difficulties.