Our spiritual atmosphere

March 17th 2014
Like the earth, human beings are surrounded by an atmosphere, known in the initiatic tradition as the aura, and through the aura they communicate with the currents of forces circulating in space. These currents can be light or dark, beneficial or harmful, and the aura attracts or repels them, depending on its level of receptivity, purity and power. Those who possess a powerful, pure aura are protected, even when surrounded by negative currents, for before the currents can reach them they must first encounter their aura, which acts like border customs and will not allow them in. You can develop your aura with the help of exercises where you concentrate on the colours of the prism, but you will only truly get results if you work on the virtues at the same time. In this way your love will bring life to your aura, your wisdom give it light, your self-control strengthen it, and your purity make it limpid and clear. The heavenly beings are sensitive to the aura of a saint, of a spiritual Master, and when they see one, even from a great distance, they will race towards them. Even humans want to be close to them, for they sense a presence that will enlighten, nourish, calm and comfort them.