Instinct and intuition

Similar faculties manifesting in two different areas

April 28th 2011
Cosmic Intelligence has given all living creatures, especially animals, an instinct that compels them to find solutions to their problems, cures for their ills. A sick animal, for example, instinctively finds the plant that will cure it. And in very many cases, this instinct from nature comes to the aid of humans too. But instinct is not enough; it is a blind impulse belonging to the realm of the subconscious, and it is for human beings to make it clear and conscious. This instinct is already a kind of intuition but manifesting in the lower realms, whereas true intuition belongs to the realm of the soul and spirit. So there are great similarities between instinct and intuition; they are almost the same faculty but manifesting in two different areas. Animals have a talent for finding plants that will heal them, but this has nothing to do with intelligence or awareness, whereas with evolved beings everything is conscious – their intuition is a knowing.