Next day

How to approach it in the best conditions

March 26th 2014
Life is in perpetual motion. Even if today we are only continuing with the same activities as the day before, no two days are identical. So many things can change from one day to the next! We always have to adapt – at work, with family, in society. If we are not ready, there are surprises, and you know what happens in a situation you weren’t expecting – you hesitate, become confused and agitated and make mistakes. So, each day brings with it new problems to be solved. How will you manage to solve them if you haven’t sorted out what you experienced the previous day? The only way to be sure about the next day is if you strengthen the foundations of your psychic life today, and you will strengthen these by looking back over the day’s events and reflecting on how you lived them, so that you can learn lessons from them. It all depends on how able you are to organize your inner life. The organizing you do will be reflected in how you perceive things: when the following day comes, events will find you ready and determined.